A Message from Pastor Mike: “Breathe”

Oh my gosh, we’re late for practice!


How much longer do we have to wait for the test results?


I can’t make three things for dinner every night!


Anne Lamott says something that I love because I think it’s so often true:  “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Did you ever take dominoes and see how many you could stand beside each other?  I loved doing this as I kid.  (OK, I actually still love it.)

And, of course, if you’re successful in setting up your row, you get the joy of pushing the first domino over and watching the inevitable fall of each following domino in succession.

The problem with our lives, however, is that, often there is so much going on and things are moving so quickly we feel like we are standing our dominoes in a line “against the clock.”

Work.  Kids.  Dogs.  Cats.  Concerts.  Matches.  Practice.  Team functions.  Band competitions.  Medical appointments.  Car repairs.  Lawn care.  Laundry.  Diapers…

I could fill the page—but you know that.

We feel like we are stacking the dominoes against time, on a shaky surface, and become incredibly stressed that something is going to tip and knock the whole mess down.

We are a society, a people that needs to breathe.

Over the next few months we are going to try to teach each other to do just this.  To pause. Turn off a second. To reorient ourselves to what’s important.  To find a space for ourselves that reconnects us to God.

After all, the word for “spirit” in the Old Testament is the same word as “breath.”

So through sermons, pictures, songs, social media, and classes (this winter) on prayer, we will teach each other this skill, and remind each other to “breathe,” to feel the peace of God, and to let that peace surround us.

So…come breathe with us!  One thing we will learn is that participation in a faith community centers us, gives us strength, and improves life.

We start Sunday, October 2nd…don’t miss it!

Peace, and breathe.

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