A Message from Pastor Mike: “Being Made New”

I’ve never been big on New Year’s…

It’s always seemed a bit manufactured to me.

A chance for a “restart.”

A time of resolutions.

Another attempt to make changes that will make life better.

But for a Christian? The whole thing seems a little silly. Because our God is the God of “second chances.”

In a life lived with faith, any day is another chance. A chance to start anew, be reborn, change the way we make decisions, change how we treat others.

In a life lived in faith, any day is an opportunity to become a new person—the person Jesus is asking us to be.

Because, as I think we at Trinity are coming to increasingly understand, the kingdom Jesus proclaimed is so much more than a life that will be lived after this life.

The kingdom of God is to be lived in this life. And the spirit of God, that great gift of Jesus, is here to help us live it.

So often, we begin our “changes” at New Years, hang on for a while, and then the changes peter away and out of our lives.

The gyms empty once again, donut sales go back up, and so on and so forth…

But the promise of the spirit is that, if we work to live “the kingdom,” the kingdom will be there, and we will find ourselves growing and basking in its life.

Whether that change, that “Jesus” change, is something we start on January 1st, January 15th, or—as God would have it—any day and every day.

Never forget we can always be made new, because we have the power, the spirit, the promise of Jesus.

P. Mike

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