A Message from Pastor Mike: “Lent on the Horizon/Worshipping as ONE!

As I write this, the church is still humming from the wonderful experience of “Team Trinity Day!”

Was it over the top? Delightfully so.

We dressed in red and white, celebrated with popcorn and nachos, laughed and sang silly songs for a VERY important reason.

We do God’s work. That’s it, plain and simple. We celebrated our unity as a church in the only way that such a celebration is appropriate—by remembering WHY we are “church!”

Caring for and serving others and one another. Praising the God that has given us the gift of a savior, the gift of a beautiful planet, and the gift of human family. Celebrating the privilege of serving the kingdom.

It was appropriate and lovely to lift up what we mean to each other and to remember that supporting what we do here is so important. Your “love gifts” are already going a long way to help us through the summer months—times when folks are away and finances can get scary. Thank you for giving this “extra” gift, and join with us in now committing to consistent giving through the year.

Our bond as a Christian family is always strengthened, of course, in worship. And now our family looks to what many consider the holiest part of our church year. Ash Wednesday, Lent, and our remembrance of the passion of our Lord are upon us—the perfect time to reaffirm and build upon the faith that sustains us.

As you will see inside, we are continuing many of our Lenten traditions, but we are also adding some new practices that we hope will become tradition! We hope to see you here as we lift up Christ and make new memories together!

Thank you, once more, for sharing this ministry with us. Trinity continues to be blessed—may we continue to be a blessing to others!

Pastor Mike

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