A Message from Pastor Matt: “Being Together”

I was talking to a friend the other week for the first time in quite a while.  We had a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of questions to ask, and a very little time to do it in!  We both said, “Sometime we’ll be in the same place at the same time and we’ll talk about everything!”  And then we went our separate ways, off to the next things we had to do, still in need of that “sometime” conversation.

I hope “sometime” comes, sometime soon!  It always seems to be the first thing to be put off.

Last month, Pastor Mike gave you the heads-up that a proposal for a new round of renovations is coming, hopefully in September.  We’re all very excited about the possibility of doing some work so that the look and feel of our “inside space” here at Trinity promotes gathering, talking, and just BEING together.

We use the physical building here at Trinity for many things.  We use it for worship services, and for weddings and funerals.  We use it for Christian education: ROC, BOLD, adult education, special events and classes and trainings.  We use it for group meetings and working on projects together.  We use it for community assistance and outreach; we help our neighbors and friends and fellow ministries by letting them use our spaces.  We use the building as a home base and launching point for service trips, youth trips, work trips, and fun trips.  We use it as a stop-in place for friends and neighbors and those in need.  We use it, quite frankly, for storage!  We use the building for a lot of things.

One thing we don’t use it enough for, though, is being together.  I’m not just talking about fellowship events, though we could always use more of those.  I’m not just talking about more groups, though we need more of those too.  I’m talking about casual times when we can sit and talk.  I’m talking about the “Hey, how are you?” conversations when you both REALLY want to know and to hear.  I’m talking about being together in the same place, comfortably catching up, watching the kids play in the corner and the teenagers share videos around a table.  I am talking about old friends sharing a cup of coffee on the couch while new friends nearby marvel at all the things they have in common.  I’m talking about comfortable space for those things and more, that still gives us room to worship and learn and work and store and be a community resource and be all the things that we are.

My friend and I need to catch up.  Our schedules are too busy, and we struggle to find a time and a place to do it.  I’m just guessing here: do you have friends that you need to catch up with?  Do you have connections that you’ve been missing?  Do you have conversations that you’ve been wanting to have?  Do you have people that you’ve been wanting to meet, or to get to know better?  I think that more and more, a lot of us are answering “yes” to questions like these, and feeling our schedules get tighter and our stress levels get higher.  We want to continue the renovations of our physical building here at Trinity for many reasons, but the main one for me is this: we feel that need that many of us have for renewing connections, for conversations that may not be on the schedule but are still important and overdue, for sitting down together in a comfortable place and having everyone be able to be together.  Our plans for renovation and renewal within the building are designed to help with all of those things.  Don’t get me wrong: a building is never a magic solution.  But I feel strongly that our building could do MORE to help us connect with each other to strengthen our church family and be a better and better community.

Our building as it is now helps us work together, worship together, and learn together.  The renovation plan that we will be unveiling very soon will continue all of that, but it will also help us BE together, more and better. I can’t wait for you to see it.  I can’t wait for you to imagine it.  I can’t wait for us to have more and more opportunity and ability to be together.  See you “sometime”… see you at Trinity.

God’s peace,
Pastor Matt

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