From Pastor Mike: “ROOTS, And Growing For The Future”

In the days ahead, we will be talking about ROOTS.

What has made Trinity the place it is? What has made this church thrive in a time when we continue to see “mainline” (protestant) denominations failing to survive?

I would say, “We have really good ROOTS.”

“ROOTS” are the product of many things—created by loved ones who came before us, borne of good fortune and grace (i.e., like a great “street presence”), and, of course, nourished by the love of God lived out.

And it’s that “lived out” part that’s so important.

Almost 20 years ago, Trinity made a decision to become inclusive in terms of how we worship. Church leaders who visit us still marvel that we have simply made this a “way of life”—that petty “worship wars” do not exist here.

We’ve also made decisions to open our arms to children and focus some of our energy on them. A few years back, when the synod made a video about our church, I was present at the synod assembly (involving 200 or so congregations) when it was viewed. When pictures of our kids singing appeared, there were audible gasps all around me! People could not believe we had children in our church—and so many! (It made me sad, but it also reminded me we’ve done the right things.)

Finally, we’ve tried to support each other in every phase of life.

In all of this, we’ve lived out the love of God and grown our own “ROOTS.” We’ve added to the solid foundation that was given to us. We haven’t allowed ourselves to stagnate. We’ve taken chances along the way, loved each other through disagreements, and chosen to grow.

And now? We are looking at another opportunity with our capital campaign.

As we talk about our roots, we’re looking at next steps in the growing process, and that means we will be asking each other to support some changes to our building. In truth, many of the changes have been already made out of sheer necessity, and the campaign will seek to replace funds we’ve already utilized from savings.

Again, in truth, much that is on “our wish list” is there out of sheer necessity. Things like a new elevator (replacing our old one), a new flat roof over the offices, and a new sign are hardly luxury items.

But, we are also looking to change our building in a significant way that, we feel, will help us grow more ROOTS as we step into the future. (For details, come to a Focus Group Meeting!!)

What we will see in this process is that there are a lot of opinions at Trinity! Some might raise the question, “Why replace money that was in savings for work we had done—isn’t that what the money was for?” Someone at the same table might say: “We shouldn’t just replace that money, we should do it with interest!”

Some might question the worth of making a significant building change—others will feel we are not attempting to do enough.

But I know this congregation, and we will love each other through disagreements and (I truly believe) choose the exciting path before us and grow.

You are part of the ROOTS of this place. We need you. We all need to join in the Focus Group conversations ahead of us and become part of the decision concerning about our possible next steps.

Thank you for being part of this church, for your hard work and generosity. Thank you for making Trinity a place where the gospel continues to grow.

Join us as we look to the future and celebrate our ROOTS!

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