Trinity’s Wing Men – Monday, January 8th at 6PM

When: First Monday of each month, 6 PM (except when the first Monday is New Year’s Day)

Where: Joy’s Tavern (directly across Main Street from the front doors of Trinity),

Who: Trinity men of all ages are welcome!

What: We eat wings (and other delicious food items), drink beverages, and solve the problems of the world! Seriously… we have discussion questions.

“Try the Hot wings!” – Reade, big fan of the whole-body fire experience.
“Maple Powdered Sugar wings: surprisingly delicious!” – Shawn, flavor adventurer.
“Jamaican Jerk? Sweet Chili? Why not both?!” – Pastor M, noted sauce-and-spice mixer.
“Are you gonna finish that?” – other Pastor M, keeping his eye on the ball.

Join the Wing Men, Monday January 8th at 6 PM!!!

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