Anything New In Worship?

Have you seen the blue “Communion Assistant” board in the back of the sanctuary? Check it out! We have decided to try a new system in securing communion assistants on a Sunday morning. It is very simple!

When you arrive, see if there is a card on the board for your worship time. If so, and you wish to volunteer, simply take the card off the board, place it in the basket, and you are now an assistant. Take a seat, enjoy worship and just come to the back of the sanctuary at the appropriate time in the service. If you have any questions, speak with the Head Usher. The board will be prepared prior to Sunday morning by office staff.

We encourage all members to volunteer in any worship assistant position they feel comfortable with; greeters, lectors, offering assistant, head usher, communion assistant, worship projection operator and flower delivery. See any staff member with questions and “thank you” for serving your Trinity family.

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