Milestones Ministry

milestonesFamilies and the church have the responsibility of helping our kids grow closer to God.  At Trinity, we celebrate important faith steps along the journeys of our children and youth.  Our “milestones” are traditions that help our youth see how God is active in their lives and remind them how much their church community loves and supports them.

Birth: A Trinity ambassador will arrange a visit with the family shortly after a child’s birth.  In this visit, a prayer, blessing and children’s Bible are given to welcome the child into our church family.

Baptism: Baptism welcomes children into the faith and membership at Trinity.  The celebration, which generally occurs in worship, includes the gift of a baby blanket, baptismal candle, and booklet for parents on the meaning of baptism.

Beginning ROC: Trinity children begin ROC at age two.  On Rally Day each year, children at this stage are give a J.J. stuffed puppy complete with a personalized collar and prayer card.

First Communion: All baptized people are welcome at Communion.  At Trinity, the family and the pastor decide at what age this will occur for each child.  Communion classes, which include age-appropriate explanations regarding the sacrament, are required.  First Communion occurs on designated Sundays and is recognized in worship.  Children receive a framed copy of the Lord’s Prayer on their First Communion Sunday.

School Blessings: Backpack Blessings occur on a Sunday in August each year.  A keychain is presented to all present as a reminder that God goes with us into the new school year.

Bible Presentation: Fourth-grade students are presented with their first complete Bible on Rally Day in worship services.

Affirmation of Baptism: At Trinity, we consider faith-formation a life-long process.  We begin education at age 2 and continue through adulthood.  By the time an eighth grader has been through our program, they have learned the stories of faith, have been taught the details of Lutheran beliefs, and are ready to publicly affirm the baptisms.  Affirmation of Baptism occurs in May for our eighth grade students.

Pilgrimage: Senior High youth participate in a week-long immersion mission trip to Philadelphia.  Through this experience with Broad Street Ministry, they will discover God in a new way and begin to understand how God may be calling them to do His work in this world of need.  Students are presented with a Lutheran rosary at the beginning of this journey.

High School Graduation: Graduates are recognized with a reception in their honor, bulletin inserts and a presentation of a gift that will remind them that God’s love goes with them into this new chapter of their lives.

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