Important Message from Council and Pastor Mike

September 8, 2021
From: Trinity Council and Pastor Mike

At a special meeting on September 7th, the Council struggled with the question of what would be the best way for Trinity to move forward in light of both the effects of the Delta variant and the new mask mandate for schools.

As a result of this discussion, Council voted to move back to masking at Trinity worship and at all on site activities beginning this Sunday, September 12th. This means masks must be worn to any programing occurring on site, including classes and music rehearsals. Provision has been made for classes involving children and youth to have “snack time,” and Senior High Supper Club will continue with masks removed only for eating. (Other food-related on-site programming, including Bagel Café, is currently on hold.)

In terms of off-site events, masking will not be mandated as participants choosing to attend these events understand that the masking policy at the event will reflect the rules at the site. We will continue to sing in worship. Council reflects our larger community. We are of diverse opinions on this subject but have worked for what we feel is the good of the larger church. We recognize that this is a time when no decision will please all, and we ask everyone for continued patience and commitment to this ministry. We all are longing for the end of this pandemic, and we feel the weight of these decisions. Also, please be assured that this decision will be reviewed every time we meet. Our next meeting will be on September 21st, and we will inform everyone immediately if there are changes.

Finally, please understand that we are trying to make decisions based on our best understanding of the information available and on the care of one another. Again, opinions are divergent, but politics are not part of our decision-making process, even as we understand that political opinions regarding masking vary.

Again, thank you for sharing this ministry, and we will continue to do our best to keep everyone in the loop in our journey ahead.

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