Worship During the Yellow Phase

Wonderful news! As our county moves to the “Yellow” Phase of recovery, we will be able, once again, to gather for worship. However, because services will be limited to 25 people, we are beginning this with outdoor, neighborhood gatherings on Sunday, June 7th through July 12th. There will be four options; two services at 9:30 am and two services at 11:00 am and we ask that you limit your participation to once per month to permit others to attend.

Mandatory* for all participants:

  • masks covering mouth and nose must be worn at all times (exception: infants/toddlers under the age of 2)

  • social distancing practices must be adhered to (6 feet apart at all times)

  • when worship ends, all depart

  • must remain outdoors at all times

*Unfortunately, if these directives are not followed worship will have to end, for everyone’s safety.

Optional for all participants:

  • bring-your-own communion elements (crackers, bread, juice) – these will not be provided or shared

  • chairs and/or blankets – also not provided; but you could choose to sit on the ground

  • hand sanitizer – recommended before touching your mask for the time of communion

Again, reservations for worship are required!  (Reserve a space for each family member!) Additional information and important guidelines are available by clicking here, or go to: https://tinyurl.com/TLCyellowworship.  If you have difficulty signing-up on-line, contact Elayne Olson.
Note: Current Sunday video format will also continue through the “yellow” phase on:
Our website under “Video Features”
Facebook  https://facebook.com/trinitymountjoy
YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8ZwZCUmsfyW_phz6DH3XEg

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