Worship Time Change

Beginning Sunday, July 4, 2021, we will return to our three-service schedule:

  • 8:30 am     Band-led
  • 9:30 am     Traditional (w/ROC beginning in Sept.)
  • 10:45 am   Band-led
  •  Online worship and 11:30 am Thursday will continue.

We will continue to make the small “communion kits” available in worship; however, we will also include intinction for those comfortable receiving the sacrament in that manner. Keep in mind that only one element is sufficient in receiving communion. (Rail communion is not advisable at this time, but you may choose to kneel in prayer after receiving the elements.)

Please remember our late service will continue to be held in the park (at 11:00AM) on the last Sunday of the month through the summer (June 27th; July 25th; & August 29th). There will be no “indoor” late service on these dates unless weather forces us inside.

If you have not been back, join us soon! We are excited and thankful that we can gather again and praise our God!

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