A Time to Plan – Consider Preplanning Your Funeral

Few of us are comfortable talking about, or thinking about death.

But, doing some planning for that day—which we all know will come—can really help the loved ones we leave behind.

I often find myself called into situations where a death has occurred and plans for a funeral have to be made. Sometimes this, of course, takes a family by surprise, but even in instances when everyone has known that death is imminent, I’m often met with the statement: “Do what you think is best.”

And for some folks? That’s fine. That’s really what everyone wants, and we do our best.

But I often wonder how the person who has passed would like their service to be “special”?

Click here to download a copy of a form that can help you plan your funeral service. Complete the form, and it will be placed on file at church. When the day comes, you’ll know that the service you desire will be carried out, and you will also be taking burden off the loved ones you leave behind.

So consider this! It’s a great help to your family and to your church, and you will know that the service celebrating your life of faith will say “what you want it to say.”

Pastor Mike

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